Dec 16, 2019

2019 Banker of The Year

The 2019 Banker of The Year for Falcon Bank is Erika Flores.  Erika was elected by Falcon co-workers from a group of 10 finalists. Erika has been with Falcon for more than 10-years and within this time she has shown her dedication to the bank and to her department. Erika makes everyone around her feel comfortable. As a result, many Falcon co-workers feel confident going to her for advice and with questions regarding issues that may arise throughout the day. Although Erika does not work directly with customers, she shows her department and new employees the importance and value in taking care of customers with respect and patience. She has also proven to fellow employees that commitment and hard work results in a positive outcome. Congratulations to the 2019 Banker of The Year, Corporate Teller Supervisor Erika Flores from the Operations Department at the East Branch in Laredo, TX.