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Home News Archive 2004 Distinguished Business Persons of the Year (September 2, 2004)
December 02, 2010

2004 Distinguished Business Persons of the Year (September 2, 2004)

2004 Distinguished Business Persons of the Year (September 2, 2004)

Gutierrez family honored by the Laredo Chamber of Commerce


Hugo Gutierrez, Sr., after having honorably served in World War II, wouldn't have called himself an entrepreneur when he obtained his Master Electrician's License and opened his independent electrician's business. He would have called himself a man providing for his family, including a wife and four sons. He would have said he was a man fulfilling his responsibilities. But something happened along his life's path -- he became the embodiment of what it means to be an entrepreneur -- not just someone who organizes, operates and assumes the risk of a business venture, but most importantly, someone with enough energy, focus and vision to take control of his own destiny. In so doing, Hugo Sr. passed on that same drive to his four sons and grandchildren.

Realizing the importance of a good education, Hugo A. Gutierrez, Jr., Ricardo, Adolfo, and Roberto attended local public schools and went on to further their education, some at Texas A & M at College Station. However, home and family pulled them back to Laredo, where each followed in their father's footsteps and soon formed their own businesses.

Hugo Jr. obtained a degree in industrial engineering and began his home building career after working for the City of Laredo Waterworks System for three years. In a city straining at its seams, Hugo's homes provided many families with quality living. After 1986, Hugo expanded his resume to include real estate ventures in San Antonio, Houston, and the Valley. Today, although he travels extensively, Hugo still calls Laredo home.

Ricardo, having had a love of electrical work instilled in him by his father, worked within that family business until 1995, when he purchased the business from his father, who was ready to take on a more informal role. In addition, Ricardo is actively involved in another family venture, 3-G Electrical Supply, a provider of electrical supplies and lighting.

Adolfo has been with Falcon International Bank since 1995. Using his previous experience in running 3-G Electrical Supply and real estate ventures as a springboard, Adolfo saw the steady rise of Falcon as proof that hard work, a great staff, and strong family support is what is essential for growth. From a team of twenty employees and $52.8 million in assets, Falcon has skyrocketed to 180 dedicated staff members and $320 million in assets.

Roberto became interested in home building after obtaining his business degree from Texas A & M. In 1987, Dominion Home Builders was born, and its exclusive homes are included in most of Laredo's finest subdivisions. In addition, Roberto became interested in commercial building, and so expanded to include Dominion Commercial Builders.

Carrying on the family's entrepreneurial spirit, Hugo III has, since graduating from Texas State University, become the third generation of the Gutierrez family involved in construction and real estate development. His marketing skills further the Falcon International Bank name, and his real estate skills allow him to oversee the construction of the new Falcon Bank branches.

Along with Hugo III, the future of the Gutierrez clan lies in Hugo Sr.'s other 14 grandchildren. With some pursuing their parents' business ventures and others following their own entrepreneurial dreams, this third generation will doubtless make its predecessors proud.

Despite the success of their achievements, however, all of the Gutierrez family members realize that giving back to the community is an integral part of their personal growth. Many organizations have benefited from their involvement, from Habitat for Humanity to the Salvation Army, from the neighborhood Little League and school Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) to the American Heart Association, March of Dimes, and the United Way. They are part of Junior Achievement of South Texas and the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. Their commitment to excellence extends far beyond their personal boundaries and includes their community as well.

Today, more than ever, Laredo is proud to call the Gutierrez family "Laredo's family." The Laredo Chamber of Commerce recognizes their longevity, growth, innovation of product and services offered, response to challenges, and contributions to the community. The Chamber invites you to join them in honoring their work, their heart, and their spirit by congratulating them as the Laredo Chamber of Commerce "2004 Distinguished Business Persons of the Year."