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May 08, 2011

25 Years of Service

25 Years of Service Awards


Falcon Bank would like to congratulate the following individuals celebrating their twenty-fifth year of committed service. These exemplary individuals helped set the bank’s foundation and have contributed to Falcon’s success. 

Adriana Mena began her journey with Falcon in May of 1986. Adriana was in charge of the Bookkeeping Department. Since then, she has held several vital management positions such as Wire Transfer Supervisor. She is presently the Assistant Vice-President at the CIF Department. Congratulations to Adriana! 

Rosie Mata interviewed with Falcon in December of 1986. Her duties since then have included overseeing letters of credit, safe deposit boxes, lending, and acting as secretary to the board. Ms. Mata is currently in the Accounting Department as Purchasing Manager. Congratulations to Rosie! 

Victor Ortiz joined the Falcon family  in May of 1986 at the age of nineteen. Victor began his service as a Proof Operator in Falcon’s Bookkeeping Department with Adriana Mena. His duties have run the gamut from reconciliation of reports to interfacing work on precision. Victor  now oversees the Proof Department as Falcon’s Proof Operations Officer. Congratulations to Victor!