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Home News Archive Behind the Scenes with Falcon International Bank Tellers (October 1, 2007)
December 02, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Falcon International Bank Tellers (October 1, 2007)

Behind the Scenes with Falcon International Bank Tellers (October 1, 2007)

Lake barbeque, prizes, to be held in honor of Teller Appreciation Week - As printed in the Laredo Morning Times Teller Appreciation Week Tabloid - September 30, 2007


Everyday, Enrique "Kike" Villanueva, 25, arrives at Falcon International Bank's main branch at 8:30 a.m. As Assistant Cashier and Teller Supervisor, Villanueva helps oversee approximately 35 tellers at Laredo's five Falcon branch locations. His first morning task is to check and respond to email and phone messages seeking approvals or situational guidance; inevitably, there are already several in his inbox, as Falcon's drive-through opens at 8:00. This first duty sets the pace for a day that won't end for Villanueva until 9:30 p.m.

"In comparison to past years," says Villanueva, who has been with Falcon for almost seven years, "The job description has evolved dramatically. Our tellers are now able to multi-task and tackle many different challenges head on."

Most important to tellers, Villanueva says, is customer service, and tellers strive to build relationships with customers while providing them with invaluable peace of mind. After all, in many ways, Falcon's tellers are the bank's "face," especially for customers opting to do business via drive-through. With that responsibility, however, comes another: to have extensive knowledge of all of Falcon's products and services. In addition to processing deposits, negotiating withdrawals and offering cash advances, tellers regularly answer customers' questions about credit card payments and loan payments, accept Tax Treasury and Loan payments, sell foreign currency and cross-sell other bank products, such as certificates of deposit and money market accounts.

Still, many of the challenges met by tellers are ones that customers never see.

When a customer leaves the teller window, tellers employ careful, systematic processes to accompany each transaction. Documents are reviewed and analyzed for accuracy and safety, and then filed to keep customers' information private and protected. Additionally, tellers take great care to balance bank accounts flawlessly at the end of each day.

"We are happy to say that we have recognized a multitude of tellers with perfect balancing throughout the year," Villanueva says. "Decreasing losses in the teller area is a trend that we are very proud of, given that we are a booming institution and increasing in branches every year."

In honor of Teller Appreciation Week from October 1st-5th, and to show appreciation for its 70 tellers' hard work throughout the year, Falcon Bank will host an employee barbeque at its Lake Casablanca property. The festivities will include several plaques to be awarded for their outstanding accomplishments. Last year, Falcon team member Efrain Ruiz received a plaque and a one-week paid vacation for perfect balancing and best customer service.

Villanueva says he appreciates the bank's show of support and adds, "As a team, we are only getting stronger as we grow."