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Premier Money Market

A checking account with competitive interest rates and limited check writing

Balance To Open
Minimum balance to open account $75,000

Monthly Service Fees & Transaction Limits
$10 maintenance fee if the daily balance falls below $75,000 any day of the cycle

Per item fee of $20 for each check in excess of 6 during a statement cycle

*Transactions on Money Market Accounts are limited by law (see details below).

Interest Earned
Interest compounded and credited to account monthly

Interest is tied to a tiered base rate for your entire balance.

If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive any accrued interest.

Call 956 723-2265 for rate information on this account. 

Other Benefits

Free Falcon 24-Hour teller by phone:
(956) 718-2611 - Laredo
1 888 944-2611 - All Markets

MasterCard Debit Card

**ATM Card

Online Banking & Bill Pay
Free Online Banking & Bill Pay

Imaged Check Statements

*Transfers from a Money Market Deposit Account to another account or to third parties by a preauthorized automatic telephone or computer transfers are limited to six per month with no more than six transfers by check, draft, debit card or similar order to third parties.

**ATM Fees - ATM cash withdrawal or inquiries at ATM's other than Falcon's will be charged $1.