Our Bill Pay Service grants you access to schedule your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's safe, quick, and free. Let us worry about the stamps and mailing the payments for you.

  1. Visit www.falconbank.com
  2. Log into your online banking account
  3. Click on Bill Pay from the left side navigation menu
  4. A pre-filled form will display for first time users; verify the information and modify as necessary (for users with multiple bank accounts, use the drop down menu to select the account you wish to use for Bill Pay)
  5. Click on Help from the Bill Pay Center
  6. Follow the necessary steps for setting up a bill to your account

Navigate to Popmoney

Use Popmoney to send money to friends, coworkers, associations, or anyone you owe. You only need the person's name and e-mail address or mobile phone number. You can even include a message with your payment such as, "Thanks for the concert tickets!"