Chairman's Message 

The older you get, the faster time passes.  Just yesterday I was a little chavalito, getting in trouble with my three brothers.  Now I’m a grandfather, keeping up with three little girls who always want to go “allá!” instead of staying “aqui.”  They take me by the hand and run me down the hallway, or climb into their strollers and demand to go to the park, and there’s no place I’d rather be, so I take them.

As we get ready to welcome another year, I think about how quickly time passes, and how the most important thing—the most important thing—in life is health.  As long as we have our health, and so do those we love, we have everything.  My wish for you in 2020 is, above all else, good health. I also wish you success, prosperity, and joy.

With deep optimism for the year to come,


Adolfo E. Gutierrez