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Properties for Sale

Falcon Bank has several properties that are for sale including a number of affordable residental lots and homes for first time homeowners or those looking to upgrade to a larger one. We also offer several commercial properties and lots for your business.

For more information please contact Chrissy P. Leyendecker at chrissy@falconbank.com (956) 794-9781.

For a list of properties for sale, click here.


12030 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX
Structure Size: 3096 sq ft.
Property Size: 16465 sq ft.
9020 San Dario
Laredo, TX
Structure Size: 9225 sq ft.
Property Size: 89908 sq ft.
1402 Centeno Lane
Laredo, TX
Structure Size: 2281 sq ft.
Property Size: 9000 sq ft.