Peace of mind starts today.

Decisions about your future can be tough. But at Falcon, we make planning for tomorrow a positive experience. From Estate Planning and Administration of Trusts to Investment Management and IRAs, we offer the products you demand with an honest evaluation of what you need.

For more information contact Cheryl John at (210) 402-6143.

Estate Planning & Administration

We will work with you to develop a customized estate plan that will incorporate your needs with the most up-to-date tax planning strategies. With our knowledge and experience, we will also be able to implement and manage your estate once it is created.

Trusts Under Will

Trusts under will are established as part of your estate plan to effectively manage specific assets after your death. Through trusts of this sort, you can address specific familial situations, or set up a charitable foundation.


After meeting with you to determine your goals and objectives, we will present you with a proposed investment strategy to meet your needs. We offer professional money management, with access to institutional fixed income and equity mutual funds. Our custom-tailored portfolio management utilizes individual equities and bonds to match the objectives that we have arrived at based on your goals.

Living Trusts

Living Trusts can serve many useful purposes. Visit our Trust professionals for an honest and accurate evaluation of what is in your best interest.

Custodial Accounts

Through custodial accounts, we serve you by acting as your agent to hold various assets at your request and direction. You maintain total discretion and control over your account, and we provide a conduit to transact business and record-keeping.

Real Estate & Mineral Management

Utilize our substantial experience and expertise in the management of farm, ranch and mineral management. We offer services in Oil and Gas leasing, easements, pipelines, and seismic and surface damage assessment.

Court Appointed Trusts

We also serve in various court appointed capacities for the benefit of those deemed unable or incapable of handling their own affairs.